Librarian Nancy Eaton with the Waterford/Harrison 5th Graders.                               Presenting the Big Check to their Principal and teachers.

Photos courtesy of Emily Baker and Rob Ripley.

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The most recent project of the Coffee Cafe' was to help fund Waterford/Harrison 5th Grade students attend the Lakeside Classroom at the Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center this fall with a donation of $500. The program offers a "unique blend of inspired fun, practical outdoor skills, hands-on experimental science, and team building / leadership skills which help form the foundations for a lifelong appreciation of the outdoors." The curriculum focuses on five essential steps toward personal growth and an ethic of stewardship: Team Building, Outdoor Education, Sensory Development, Environmental Conservation and Sustainability, Self-Reliance and Service Learning.
The Waterford Library Association is delighted to support such a valuable endeavor and invest in further educating these children. We wish to thank everyone who comes to the weekly Friday Coffee Cafe and helps to make such gifts possible.

Monday- Knitting, 2-4pm

Friday- Coffee Cafe, 9-noon

663 Waterford Road  Waterford, ME 04088

207-583-2050    waterfordMElibrary@gmail.com

 If MSAD 17 or MSAD 61 close due to weather, then the library will also be closed. 

Mystery Book Club, 2nd Wed. - 4pm
Book Discussion, 4th Wed. - 10am


 March 9th  11am-1pm

Collaborators from Sweden Maine

discuss their recent book about local architecture:

Living, Learning, and Worshiping: Buildings of Sweden, Maine 1813-1914

April 6th

Conversations with BRUCE COFFIN about his newest and other books.

Monday 2-6pm  *  Wed. 3-8pm  *  Friday 9am-noon ​ *  Sat. 10am-2pm 


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